Heroes of CRM 2020 Recap

The Heroes of CRM Conference 2020 was a blast, and we caught it all on video. Here you can find all of the conference's Main Stage talks and Deep Dives, as well as our recap montage. We've also uploaded every talk's slides onto Slideshare. Enjoy!


Krzysztof Szymanski / Dr. Markus Wuebben

CRM in a Platform Economy

Today’s largest first-order platforms are pocketing the largest share of customer access. Learn how to utilize CRM insights to their maximum potential to retain customer relationships and regain lost margins.


Lars Brodersen

Customer Data Platforms –Dos and Don'ts for Long-Term Improvements

Companies often struggle to decide on “make or buy”, due to a lack of experience and the complexity of new CRM possibilities. Learn how to find your way and aim for long term success when combining customer experience with digital initiatives.


Nils Weber

Building a Successful Operating Model for Data Driven CRM

Marketing and CRM are shifting from classic campaign management to an engagement-focused initiative, making it a multi-touchpoint and cross-functional challenge. Learn how to become super-efficient and generate engagement uplifts north of 100%.


Aurélie Poilleux

CRM and Digital Privacy: Where is the Line Between Personalization and Ethics?

Customer data accumulation and activation increase company profitability, but come with some ethical boundaries as well. We will be exploring the ethical grey areas of customer data.


Lara Bröckelt / Florian Menge

Direct Mail Automation & Hyper-Personalization at Contorion (DE)

Sehen Sie im Vortrag von Contorion und optilyz wie der innovative Einsatz von Direct-Mail durch Automatisierung, Hyper-Personalisierung und die Customer-Journey-Integration außergewöhnliche Performance ermöglicht.


Henrika Meusert

The Big Five – Insights into the Digital CRM strategy of DER Touristik Online

Find out how DER Touristik refined its CRM strategy with insights into use cases, data management, tools, and organization.


Felix Schirl / Tom Kussmaul

Telefónica’s Evolution From CRM to a 360 View of the Customer

Learn how to elevate basic CRM data into fully detailed, centralized customer profiles. trbo and Telefonica will show you how to open up your data silos and take a genuinely audience-management centered approach to CRM.


Nina Pollex

From “Cash Revenue Machine” to “Customer Relationship Management”

How Babbel transformed the way they work along their customer lifecycle.For a young start-up, the biggest challenge often is about how to get to the next buck – fast. As a digital subscription business, though, sights need to be set much further into the future. Here’s how to break down silos and abandon long-established patterns of thinking.


Yael Farkas

Data That Changes – How to Use Data for Your Online Marketing

Find out how to collect and use the right data and find the best marketing tech stack to activate it across channels. Learn about the organizational possibilities you can use to activate data optimally.

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